Joseph Noel White

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Joseph Noel White

  • Born Joseph Noel White on August 23, 1886
  • Son of Christopher Columbus White and Sarah E. White
  • Husband of Francis L. Cannon White (first wife) and Sara May Elizabeth Moore White (second wife)
  • Brother of May White, Eoner White, Estelle White, Vaden White, Rubin White and Milard White
  • Children with Francis:
  1. Ethan I. White
  2. A.J. White
  3. Ruby E. White
  4. Archey D. White
  5. Dolly White
  6. Nell White
  • Children with Sarah:
  1. Joe White
  2. Ouida White
  3. Sue White
  4. Hugh White
  5. John Norris White



Joseph Noel White, WWI Draft Card

Joseph Noel White, WWI Enlistment Document

Joseph Noel White, 1920 U.S. Census


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