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The White Family Coat of Arms

When asked the question, “Where do your ancestors come from?”, Johnny White has been known to proudly proclaim: “MISSISSIPPI!”

And he’s right. To a point. The truth is, the John White clan spans all the way back to 1215 when Walter DeWhite was born in Wales. What we know today as the “Whites” originally started as the “DeWhites” and then transformed to the “Whytes” – where it waivers between “Whyte” and “White” until 1555 when it finally settles into the spelling we use today.

The Royal Coat of Arms

Johnny White has also been known to proudly proclaim that his ancestors come from “GOOD ‘OL BOY SOUTHERN STOCK, BY GOD!” And again, he’s right. To a point. The truth is, the Whites also come from Royal stock.

In 1563, Sir John Whyte was elected Mayor of London – a post that dates back to the reign of Richard the Lionheart and that is second in precedence only to the reigning Monarch. Sir John Whyte is Johnny White’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.

There have been other notable Whites in the lineage too (though perhaps for slightly different causes). Adam White earned a Masters degree in Glasgow, Scotland in 1648 and took up the post of minister at Laggen Presbyterian Church in Donegal, Ireland from which he was “evicted” for preaching something the King didn’t like in 1661 and sent to prison in 1664 where he remained until he received a pardon from the King in 1670. Apparently he took on another church in 1672 and was forced to “flee” to Scotland (for not learning his lesson the first time) in 1688. So I suppose the Whites have a long history of trouble-making as well.

And then there’s good ‘ol Moses White, who in 1703 may have had three wives at the same time. Either that, or his one wife had three different names. We can only guess why that would have been necessary.

What you’ll find in this archive are the names of the fascinating characters who are the direct descendents of Walter DeWhite. Each family member has his or her own page and on that page you’ll find birth and death dates, the names of immediate family members – wives, parents, children – and any other information currently available about that person. All you have to do is click on anything in bold. If you begin with Walter DeWhite, you can click your way down the line all the way to his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson, Johnny White.